Band - Teaser
The Sweet Chili Oktobefest Band consists of 5 multi-instrumentanlists. For this reason we are able to cover the whole range of entertainment and party music. From traditional Austrian and Bavarian folk music up to top 40 pop and rock music, flavoured with several show acts.

Dani - the voice (fun)Dani - the voice

Dani – the voice

She is our leading singer and the heart of the band. A beautiful lady with a beautiful voice. Dani performs with an unbelievable energy and every audience loves her.

Hubsi – the show master

The multi-purpose show master of the band. Hubsi’s musical world consists of trumpet, guitar, alphorn, cowbells and many other crazy instruments. His funny and entertaining show acts are legendary.

Hubsi - the show master (fun)Hubsi - the show master
Gerhard - the star (fun)Gerhard - Portrait 1

Gerhard – the star

Each band needs a star and the star of the Sweet Chili Oktoberfest band is Gerhard. He does not just play music … he lives music and that’s what the audience can see and feel.

Stefan – the guitar hero

A professional musician who is taking charge of a perfect sound and phenomenal performances on baritone horn and guitar – that’s Stefan – our sound master and guitar hero.

Stefan - the guitar hero (fun)Stefan Schiemer - Portrait 1
Hannes - the entertainer (fun)Hannes - Portrait 1

Hannes – the entertainer

Our front man entertains with an amusing moderation in English or German. Further he is doing a great job with the clarinet, saxophone and several percussion instruments.